We're passionate about creating flawless bronzing formulas that deliver on every level.

While facial skincare has long been a beauty routine fundamental, our bodies tend to find themselves neglected. Yet the skin on our bodies isn’t immune to the ageing process, so why do we give it so much less attention than our face?

Our obsession with both tanning and skincare lead us to create a multi-tasking formulation that combined high quality tanning actives with skincare ingredients that not only give the skin an immediate nourished glow, but also have long term benefits in helping to prevent premature ageing. Importantly, we made sure the skincare ingredients don't compromise the effectiveness of the tanning properties.

We love a good glow, but a real sun tan comes with complementary free radicals that wreak havoc on skin cells and break down collagen, accelerating the ageing process and increasing vulnerability to skin cancer. An Ambre Luxe bronze is not only a safe way to tan without damaging your skin, it is packed with ingredients your skin will love.