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The Shower Cap For Your Pony Tail

Pony Cap's waterproof hair sleeve allows you to wash your scalp while keeping the body of your hair dry. Cut down on shower time while maintaining clean and fresh hair - no need to restyle your hair every time you wash it!



  1. Start with hair in a high loose pony tail. With your head tilted forward, slip pony tail into Pony Cap.
  2. Pull the cord to close the opening.
  3. Wrap the cord around the base of Pony Cap, securing by hooking with the button.
  4. Holding the elastic loop at the end of Pony Cap, wrap the length of Pony Cap into a bun.
  5. Secure the bun by attaching the elastic loop to the button.
  6. Wash scalp as normal.
  7. Either blow dry or leave to air dry as normal.